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Maximum Fire safety

Maximum Energy Efficiency

Suitable for hard to treat properties

With rising energy costs, it’s more important than ever to prevent heat from escaping from buildings. 

In the UK, many homes suffer from very poorly insulated external walls. This allows heat to escape through the walls instead of being evenly distributed across the house.

External Wall Insulation is an ideal solution to this problem. At Surefire, as part of our framework of services, we offer the highest quality external insulation for buildings, helping to reduce energy bills, keep heat in, and reduce the carbon footprint of the building.

All of our External Wall Insulation systems are completely non-combustible in keeping with the latest fire safety regulations, wind safe, as well as algae and crack free to ensure that they last when faced with the worst parts of the temperamental British climate.

For more information regarding external wall insulation, visit our sister company Soltherm. Soltherm provide you with the most advanced and innovative building materials, so that your properties become healthy, low maintenance and low energy dwellings.