Hamilton and Woodall recognised at Energy Efficiency Awards

Our partner, WHG was recently recongised for one of their regeneration projects at the INCA Awards.

Walsall-based housing association, WHG are continuously working towards improving the lives and homes within their communities – and one of the ways they do this is through investing millions of pounds each year in the building and regeneration of high-quality, energ-efficient homes.

This effort recently paid off when they were mentioned in the INCA Awards shortlist for their work on the Hamilton and Woodall tower block regeneration.

Although part of a much larger regeneration project, these particular buildings have undergone some incredible transformations.

However, the major improvement for the people living in these buildings has been in the way that the regeneration has improved the energy-efficiency of their homes and a reduction of their energy bills.

Before the regeneration on the Hamilton and Woodall buildings, over 60% of the tenants living there were considered to be fuel poor.

After the work was finished, this has been reduced to under 10%, and will go a long way to significantly improving the lives of people who live in this community.

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