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Through a complex system of Assessment, Coordination and Evaluation, Surefire ACE Assist evaluates regional housing stocks to help local authorities and social housing providers


Better understand their housing profile


Determine fuel poverty “hotspots”


Evaluate the optimum efficiency measures on by area and archetype


Forward plan efficiency projects based on community needs


Create blueprint efficiency designs in accordance with PAS 2030:2019 and PAS 2035

Surefire ACE Assist is delivered pro-bono in advance of a contractual commitment at the planning stage.

ACE Assist have been successfully delivering pre and post completion services to multi-measure, large-scale retrofit schemes throughout the UK since 2012.

What we do

The ACE Assist division of Surefire are a team of independent retrofit specialists, working with housing providers to evaluate their stock and provide guidance on retrofit measures. Evaluating the poorest stock and ensuring the correct measures are delivered to optimum quality is the single priority of Surefire ACE Assist.

Our team of qualified and experienced Retrofit Coordinators and Assessors work to deliver a seamless PAS 2035 compliant service; ensuring your tenants are fully supported and informed throughout the process. In addition, the Surefire turnkey service also means that if required, ACE Assist can facilitate delivery, and oversee the retrofit process from procurement to completion.

Through our hands-on experience of delivering ECO, LAD and SHDF Schemes, our experts will guide you through the process, providing impartial advice every step of the way.

The ACE Process

Developing a plan for the retrofit measures you will install is one of the most complex and technical tasks in the preparation phase.

It starts with reviewing your housing stock, its type and condition, and leads to a plan for what you want to do with the stock to improve its energy efficiency and its performance.

Our ACE goal is to create a specific project, identifying a named set of properties with an accompanying series of retrofit measures that will deliver outcomes to meet your strategic objectives, including the needs of any external funders.

This review is delivered “at-risk” as part of our ACE – Project Assist package. Unique in the sector, we will manage an upfront evaluation to help ensure you are optimising the funding available to you. The ACE – Project Assist desktop review is a best-in class service that reduces the risk of mis-specification and guarantees property level carbon-optimisation.

ACE Retrofit Assessment

All properties shortlisted for Retrofit measures must be assessed by a Retrofit Assessor.

The role of the Retrofit Assessor to gather property data points that feed the retrofit design-thinking. 

ACE Retrofit Assessment Services include:

  • Energy Performance Assessment
  • Condition Survey
  • Occupancy Assessment

ACE Retrofit Coordination

The role of the retrofit coordinator is pivotal to PAS compliance. In fact, to be considered “compliant” every project must now be managed and overseen by a qualified Retrofit Coordinator. 

Having the most detailed role in Retrofit, the retrofit Coordinator must liaise with a multitude of stakeholders and deliver:

  • Retrofit risk assessment
  • Retrofit project plan 
  • Property by property improvement plan
  • Project delivery log

ACE Retrofit Evaluation

The evaluation of retrofit projects required by PAS 2035 is carried out to determine whether the intended outcomes of the retrofit project have been realised, and to identify and learn from any issues raised. Three levels of monitoring and evaluation are specified in PAS 2035, with each level being more intrusive investigation than the last.

Surefire ACE Assist deliver post-completion evaluation to the level either specified by the client or indicated as required by pre-evaluation surveys. Retrofit Evaluation can vary from simple occupant data-gathering, to intrusive investigation, thermograpic reviews and internal humidity monitoring. 

Whether your requirements are basic, intermediate or advanced, ACE Assist have the in-house experts to fulfil your needs.


Assessment services to the highest of standards


for BEIS funded energy efficiency


Striving to achieve Net Zero targets

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