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In 2017, the Grenfell Tower tragedy brought to the forefront the dangers of the highly-flammable ACM cladding. 

In December 2018, the use of ACM cladding in the UK was officially banned. 

After the tragic fire that killed 72 people, over 400 buildings were identified as having the same style of cladding, which is now required by law to be removed.

The Building Safety Fund (BSF) was introduced by the government in 2020 to cover the cost of remediation of unsafe non-ACM cladding on high rise buildings over 18 metres in England. The total amount available through the fund is £5.1bn. The fund is overseen by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC).

Who can apply for the Building Safety Fund?

A ‘responsible entity’ of a building can apply. Responsible entity refers to:

  • freeholder
  • head leaseholder
  • private sector building owner or their agent
  • right-to-manage company (RTM)
  • resident management company (RMC) or
  • registered provider of social housing such as a local authority or housing association

However, inadequate cladding systems stretch much further than ACM. Many mid and high rise properties (commercial and residential) were designed to include a drained cavity. This is fully compliant and generally considered safe if the property is built within design tolerances and the cladding system is installed to specification. Unfortunately on so many occasions this is not the case.

DLUHC have now extended the Building Safety Fund to capture a broader range of suspect cladding systems. Surefire can help you understand the cladding on your building and advise which system (if any) would be most suited to remediate and make your building safe. 

In partnership with sister company Soltherm. Surefire can provide best in class  non-combustinble cladding systems that will provide homeowners and building members total peace of mind that the bulding is fire safe.

Who decides on eligibility?

The DLUHC decides if the building meets the eligibility criteria. If it does, the responsible entity can apply to the fund. If it doesn’t, they can appeal the decision.

At Surefire our team will work with you to help you secure funding for the removal of ACM cladding under the government’s rules, and ensure that new materials are fitted in keeping with fire safety regulations.

Do you qualify for BSF funding? Find out here