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The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a scheme started by the UK government to tackle rising energy costs and prevent families across the country from falling into fuel poverty. 

The scheme specifies that energy suppliers are obligated to meet certain targets and requirements ensuring that they’re providing their customers with the right energy-saving measures as part of their service.

Under the ECO it’s required that energy companies are actively promoting the most cost-effective solutions for their customers – especially those who are considered vulnerable and most at risk of falling into fuel poverty.

If you’re a local authority housing provider, social landlord or private homeowner who could benefit from ECO funding, Surefire will work with you directly to help you make the most of this scheme. Surefire have access to the best funding available in the market from a multitude of obligated sources. ECO funding can provide up to 100% of the capital required to install solid wall insulation, cavity insulation and heating systems. What’s more, funding can be blended with other schemes to make the reliance on the social landlord even less.

Right through from Evaluation procurement and funding to installation and warranty, Surefire can guide and de-risk ECO projects helping you confidently lower energy costs and make homes more comfortable and healthy.

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