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Warms water and generates electricity

Although becoming more popular as a way of generating renewable electricity by harnessing the sun’s natural energy, solar panels are still far from the norm in this country.

This is due, in part to the high prices some companies charge to install solar panels, and also due to a misconception that large amounts of sunlight are needed to see the benefit of them – something which the UK isn’t exactly blessed with.

However, when working with the right company to install these, they don’t always have to be expensive, and at Surefire we pride ourselves on offering great value for money when it comes to installing panels that help homes generate their own electricity, lower their bills, and reduce their carbon footprint.

You might think that solar panels won’t work for you because of lack of sunlight, however, the sun’s energy is powerful and solar panels don’t necessarily need lots of sunlight to work – they can work perfectly well even on cloudy or overcast days.