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What is it?

Within the housing sector, the Surefire Framework is unique, easy to use, and offers a low-cost, value for money solution for local authorities, social housing landlords, and private home owners to help them improve the energy-efficiency of homes within the community.

Established in 2013, the fully OJEU compliant Surefire Framework has enabled over £100m of high-quality retrofit projects to be carried out across the UK.

As a single supplier, end-to-end solution, the Surefire Framework provides everything from the planning, delivery, and funding of new energy-efficiency technologies, fire safety, and ongoing maintenance.

The framework itself is fully flexible and includes a variety of services to choose from. These can be chosen individually or as a custom package based on your needs and the goals of your project.

Services offered within the framework include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-combustible external wall insulation that’s completely wind safe, algae and crack free
  • Gas, oil, and LPG central heating systems that help keep energy costs down
  • High-quality windows and doors that stop draughts and protect against condensation
  • Cavity wall insulation that prevents heat escaping
  • Solar panels that provide a renewable source of electricity
  • Thorough fire safety assessments and work to give complete peace of mind

Who is it for?

Local authorities and social landlords: 

Many local councils and social landlords across the UK struggle to meet energy-efficiency targets on new homes and renovations due to lack of funding.

When working with Surefire, we can help with sourcing funding through various government schemes, such as ECO

We’ll also help with the sourcing and delivery of the energy-efficient technologies within these homes so that you and your tenants see the funding used to its full potential and can enjoy warmer homes and lower energy costs.


If you’re a homeowner looking to make your home more energy-efficient and find ways to lower your energy bills each month, Surefire can help. 

We work with homeowners to help access government-backed funding through schemes like the HUG. In addition to funding, we can help with the sourcing and installation of various energy-efficient systems and technology to improve your home.


As the UK moves towards its target of net zero by 2050, many businesses are feeling pressure to become more green and energy-efficient. 

Through our easy-to-use framework, Surefire will work with your business to help you access relevant government funding. 

We’ll also help with the delivery and installation of energy-saving systems and technology to ensure your business is reducing carbon emissions and becoming, overall, more energy-efficient.